Hi all,

I'd like to know how to understand the connected speech, some basic connected speech I can understand, such as "I like it", "Thank you", "Not at all"....but sometimes when I watch the hollywood movies, I really can't catch what they mean, because the actors use the connected speech to speak the whole sentence. For instance, they say Get it on as "Getiton", Shake it around as "Shakeitaround"...so on and so on...sometimes I thought they spoke one word, actually they spoke a sentence, but they spoke too fast with connected speech, so I didn't understand. I was wondering if there's any rule of connected speech, do we need to connect all single word in the sentence? Sometimes I hear english speaking people, they won't connect all the single word in the sentence, just will use it in some popular phrase or sentence, such as Thank you, I like it, get out of here, not at all......In daily conversation, shall we need to speak connected speech? If so, should we connect all words to speak in one sentence? Please advise. Thanks.