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    Government Should Spend On Forest Preservation or On Basic Human Need or Facilities

    Forest as well as human needs is very important part of nature nowadays. So government preserves the forest. If forests are not preserved then the echo cycle is disturbed and create a problem like carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere. So it is very dangerous for human life but human needs are equally important to be fulfilled by the government.

    Government preserves the forests and ultimately the forests provide useful things like wood, medicines, raw materials, wax, etc. The forests are very useful to stop spoil erosion. Forests are useful to maintain echo cycle. The Forests are additional source of income for government. Government can earn more randomly money through forest. Government should spend on parks and sanctuaries. So the school and college are arranging the visit tour for their student and student learn more things. This is also additional source of income for government. The Forests are very helpful to bring rain. To preserve the forest, government should take strict steps against the people who cut out the tree and also kill the animals. The Parks and the sanctuaries are part of forest.

    Government should equally spend to fulfill human needs like home, education facility, transportation, medicine and so on. Government should provide better medicine facility. Because of improper medicine facility the death rate of people can be high. Nowadays the competitions are much in every filed so there is less job opportunity. So government should provide good job opportunity. Government should provide transportation facility in isolated areas. Government should provide valuable education. If people can not learn in proper manner, country can not progress. Without education the people will remain less educated.
    Government should spend more on human needs but at the same time government should not neglect the forests’ preservation because forests are natural wealth of the nation. So we can say famously “save forest save world”.

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    I notice you didn't use the magic word.

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