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    Angry ESL Students'

    Hello there. I need some advice regarding future ESL students.
    Yesterday, as most day's. I received a call from a nice sounding person ,obviously in need of some tuition.
    We have been corresponding via our local site online and everything went well until he phoned- no tuition thanks as you are english.
    This happens now most weeks and apart from me making things worse,by reassuring him he won't be speaking like the Queen or Julie Andrews, I know again that I have lost another potential student.
    I sometimes think that what the student really wants is full intergration into the North American culture with acceptance from all aspects of life here. I teach because I love to see results,especially with young asian pupils, but when I sit in my study,poring over all those lesson plans,only to be told they have 'changed their mind' I think I would prefer to get back on the old academic treadmill and speak to myself! Help!

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    Re: ESL Students'

    Students look so high upon American English, but we can't blame them. It's THE English language for teens. British English is very refined, well suited for "gentlemen" [this is my personal opinion]. Even my international students adore American English and some imitate the accent.

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    Re: ESL Students'

    When I taught English in Japan, they asked me told me to use to fake an American accent as that was what the customers were paying for. My Canadian accent stood its ground and all worked out smoothly, but my Australian colleagues had a terrible time keeping students. Shame, really, as they were and still are great educators.

    I wonder how many ESL students I could get if I advertised for students in London? Probably not many I suppose as they would--no doubt--be more interested in learning British English. It's a business thang.

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    Talking Re: ESL Students'

    Thanks for your interesting reply.I suppose one way or another you are correct. I will continue and put all my efforts into giving it my best as I have always done.

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    Re: ESL Students'


    I understand perfectly as I have a few students who watch American TV all the time and when we are in class they ask me to repeat words alot, just to clarify the pronunciation and I have to explain that they should use the pronunciation which they feel most comfortable with, but I'm a little strict that in the classroom they follow British English, accent and spelling otherwise I don't think I'm helping just causing confusion.

    Hope you keep motivated as there are people who want BrEng


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