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  1. lucyna

    Smile Ms

    I want to ask about "gone and been".Why you say "Has anyone seen my callculator it`s GONE missing." could you tell me it`s that corect becouse I was thinking corect is "Has anyone seen my callculator it`s BEEN missing".

  2. ghmcal

    Re: Ms

    Your thought is half correct: "been missing" is one correct way to say that. But "gone missing" is also correct. Don't forget that "go" can mean "to come to be in a certain condition." For example, "She has gone crazy." means "She has become crazy."

    However, you are very perceptive to notice that "gone missing" somehow isn't correct. I asked several friends, and we all agree that "gone missing" sounds informal. I heard it when I was a child, but I lived in a small town in the southern United States. Now that I'm in college, I never hear it. You should certainly use "it has been missing."

    You could also say "it is missing." The difference is that "it has been missing" means that it has been lost for a while, while "it is missing" simply means that it is lost now and does not tell anything about how long it has been gone.

    Good luck,


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