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Submit a one-page Statement of Intent describing the events and ideas which led to your interest in this major
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso
As a child, art came to me just as natural as breathing, ART in its true sense that is, the kind where an artist lives in this dream world and glimpses of it is painstakingly created for the world to put a price on, the very fact which ushered me to come out and face the music. I simply undressed my childhood, packed my bags and moved to the real world. That is where I became a doctor, convincing myself that medicine is creative enough to quench my thirst.

Looking back onto my childhood, all the beautiful things that I can’t afford would move swiftly to my ‘la la land’ as I nudged on the pillow, closing my eyes smiling blissfully…
Growing up, dare I say, towards becoming an inevitable ‘human’, human nature dominated. I started strategizing ways to drag my ‘la la land’ into the real world and ended up making the so called ‘wrong choices’. But I believe that things in life happen for a reason, a reason to give you the exact experiences, to enrich the pavement of your future endeavors.
…So here I am, after all the clamor in science, glamour beckoned, I realized I’ll have to come home.
In retrospection, not until the teenage years, where I started maturing into this woman who didn’t have a perfect body/looks, and knew it too well just to wear anything and everything, I began learning about my personal dos and don’ts. Although I was oblivious of the big fashion industry that existed outside of my mirror, I did have a knack of bringing divine proportions out of an unflattering body. Funny I didn’t have rules like others. Neither did I hesitate reshaping my outfits to my taste nor risking a bit of wit and humor here and there. People always thought I was eccentric in many ways, but many approved. All this was the way of life and never did I think that this could be my career amongst all the stethoscopes and prescription pads. Dad is a well known doctor whose sense of honesty and credibility inspired me. So I followed him all the way, until I literally bumped into the artistic child in me, who had never grown up! I was working in an Australian hospital, happily married; the system and I failed each other. I left the job, realized that I am far too creative and funny to thrive in a scientific world.
Although by this time I was well aware of the fashion world and fashion still was the way I lived, never did I dare to draw something for someone else other than myself. I discovered ‘vogue.com’, and naturally started following the fashion events. I marveled and moved back to my ‘la la land’ as though I never left. Everything I saw inspired me. A feverish itch to create engulfed. As I timidly started sketching, I felt this rush through my veins, pounding my heart and drugging my brain. Here I am high on fashion! Ever since then, I have such intense drive, that some of my ideas were born in dreams! I started browsing shops for latest trends and lost myself in fashion literature. Books of Valentino, life story & fashion metamorphosis by Chanel reaffirmed my theory of ‘no rules’. I overviewed the history and development of fashion through centuries, which all the more excited me of endless possibilities. I also learned that a lot of talented people in the industry haven’t been successful because ‘ART’ is a very personal dream and to sell it, one needs to understand the ‘art’ of the mass or the person you are catering to. The intricacy and idea behind couture creations are boundless and I’m very pleased that young artists like Rihaana/Drew Barrymore/ Sarah Jessica parker/katy perry/cate blanchet and many more are ‘risk takers’- an artist’s dream! Extravagance of Galliano, Macqueen, Mark Jacobs, Manish aurora thrills me. I also followed Victoria beckham’s recent fashion career and understood how creating and pursuing particular style gets you a ‘niche’ in the shelf. Thus I realized the importance of balancing one’s aesthetic urge with the body and minds of a client.
Lost and found- fashion and I.