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    considerable influence

    On Tuesday, Obama and Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao announced plans to work together on a range of international issues. But the statement had an unexpected line: that the two sides “support the improvement and growth of relations between India and Pakistan.” “The two sides welcomed all efforts conducive to peace, stability and development in South Asia," said the statement. “They support the efforts of Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight terrorism, maintain domestic stability...the two sides are ready to strengthen communication, dialogue and cooperation on issues related to South Asia and work together to promote peace and development in that region.”

    This will go down poorly in India. Not only has it long argued its relations with Pakistan are a bilateral issue, the joint statement has given the impression the US sees China as the dominant power broker in Asia. The most favourable interpretation is that Washington’s real interest is to persuade Beijing to exert its considerable influence with Pakistan.
    The last US-China joint statement that spoke of India was when President Bill Clinton visited Beijing just after India’s 1998 nuclear tests. Clinton was strongly criticised in India for the statement.

    Source : China, US agree on India, Pak- Hindustan Times

    I wonder what "its" refer to in the highlighted text. I mean "China or USA". Also I wonder what they mean actually by "considerable influence" in this context. I know "influence" means "to use one's power to get what they want".

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    Re: considerable influence

    "its" = Beijing as political personification of China.

    Put the adjective - considerable = a large amount, a great deal, worthy of great consideration - with influence. The influence that China can exert is considerable through its physical and economic power.

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    Re: considerable influence

    That's right. Since China and Pakistan have long shared nuclear secrets with each other, they're nearly allies. Pakistanis are the only foreigners allowed into China without visas (that I know of). There are very close ties between them.

    India has fought wars against China, so it's good to see China doing there what it traditionally does everywhere: promote stability and peace.

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