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    Unhappy Teacher

    Hello every one
    I am a high school English teacher from Peshawar, Pakistan.I teach at a school with around 700 students(Montessori-grade 12).the medium of instruction is English for all the subjects taught.We encourage and emphasize a lot on spoken English.Although our students are able to communicate in English (not Excellent),there is a resistance to spoken English among most of them, especially boys.Since I am the coordinator for spoken English, I face a tough time to make them communicate in English. They do so in the classroom and with the teachers but the moment they are out of our sight, they switch to their first languages(pashto/urdu).I have tried positive and negative reinforcement tactics but without any success.
    First of all, I want to ask whether it is OK to impose the speaking of second language in the school?Secondly, I want some good tips as to how to make the students use spoken English willingly.
    Please help

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    Re: Teacher

    May God grant you the wisdom to accept what you cannot change.

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    Re: Teacher

    There is something unnatural about talking in a second language to someone who speaks the same first language. Many people find it difficult or embarrassing, so they will avoid it, which will make imposing your policy very difficult. I'd try to do it bit by bit and encouraging them to feel less embarrassed about it.

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    Unhappy Re: Teacher

    As an ESL teacher, I do face the same problem like yours. Yet, it is officially prohibited (by our ELT inspectors) for us to use any other language but English and thus we need to discourage our students to use their first language in class. Our ELT inspectors' argument is that this is non-pedagogical. They think that this will hinder learning as students would be torn between two languages and the final result will be in favour of their first language as they master it more than any other foreign language.
    I think that we - ESL teachers - need to apply certain teaching procedures which could motivate learners to use the English language as the only alternative during English classes.
    I personally try to use realia a lot, suggest authentic topics/issues for discussion, assign group work activities (mixing high-achievers with low-achievers), and I turn a tape on so that they can listen to famous English songs (songs having a slow rythm and easy lyrics).
    I know that you are familiar with such strategies and even more but I'm only trying to give you a hint of what I am PERSONALLY taking up to deal with a situation which similar to yours.

    "I endeavor to be wise when I cannot be merry, easy when I cannot be glad, content with what cannot be mended and patient when there is no redress." I'm trying hard to work having in mind this quotation to overcome difficulties and tough moments in our hard profession.

    Note: your (UE members) advice, comments and corrections are much needed and appreciated.

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    Re: Teacher

    Thank you

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    Re: Teacher

    Hey there
    I found your reply very encouraging,especially the quote.Thanks a bundle.
    the major problem at our school is making them speak the second language ALL THE TIME.They do it in the class but the problem occurs outside the classroom.It is required by the school administration that they do it but the children resist.I am working with my team to devise strategies to motivate them.
    Again thanks for your help:)

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