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Thread: book title

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    book title

    which book is the best to start studying literature ?

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    Re: book title

    Quote Originally Posted by star1982 View Post
    which book is the best to start studying literature ?
    If you are studying by yourself, you should choose something that you can find a lot of secondary material about on the web.
    Also, something short, well-known, relatively simple and entertaining.
    Off the top of my head, I'd suggest: The Great Gatsby, most stuff by Hemingway, Lord of the Flies. You could get some ideas here:
    Free Book - Free Cliff Notes, Book Notes, Summaries & Study Guides

    Unless you are asking about a "How to study literature book". Are you?

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    Re: book title

    thank you

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    Re: book title

    'The Great Gatsby' is an all-time favorite of many, including me! This book would be a good beginning to start a study of literature. Fitzgerald takes us back into the era of Jazz, of the socially elite of New York City, spinning a tale of unrequited love. But it is more than that. The novel is also a critique of the shallow materialism and decadence that pervaded society. Lies, deceit, artificiality, all intertwine each other throughout the novel. Many critics feel that the novel is a kind of time capsule that preserves this particular time in American history. I never knew so much about this classic until I browsed through The site has innumerable ways to help you understand literature.

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