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For more than 20 years, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank has been serving the Baton Rouge area along with ten other parishes in Louisiana. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is a non-profit organization which distributes food to a variety of community agencies which serve the people in need. Last year alone, over 10 million pounds of food was distributed throughout our community. The Greater Baton Rouge Food bank also host special events to raise money and food for our community, such as Feed a Family, Slice of Life Golf Classic, and Art for food, just to name a few. For every dollar raised, the food bank can provide ten meals to the needy.
I recently volunteered at the Greater Baton Rouge Food bank. I am currently taking a theology course which requires the students to participate in community service hours. I chose to volunteer my time to the food bank because they are a local organization feeding the needy in our community and I feel that this is extremely important especially with the state of our economy today. Ending hunger, not only in our community, but in America is imperative. The thought of a child without a meal is truly heartbreaking. Just a small amount of help can make such a huge difference. Iím sure you have seen the Feed a Family barrels at your local grocery store. Each full barrel of food feeds a family of four for two weeks. It doesnít take much time or money to grab a few extra canned goods or non-perishable food items to drop in the barrel on your way out. That is only one of the many ways of helping out in our community.
Shortly after I arrived at the food bank, I began to empty barrels of food, sorting through them, boxing and packing them along with the help of 2 of my classmates. Sure it sounds simple, but it was physically demanding. After an hour of doing this, my back was in pain from the bending and lifting. The thought of leaving the food bank was very tempting. After I thought about what I was doing and the good that would come out of it, the temptation left my thoughts. Another challenge during my experience was that I was working hard in a warehouse. I was doing behind the scenes work and I wasnít able to see the end result of the hard work I was contributing in. I would have liked to actually see families receive food in times of need. The thought of the joy and happiness these families would experience, changed my perception during the time that I was at the food bank. I then could only think about how satisfying it really is to help the people in our community during rough times, even though Iím only sorting and boxing food in a warehouse.
When I left the food bank, I felt a very wonderful, satisfying emotion over myself. Itís a rewarding feeling knowing you have done something good to help someone when they need it. I believe that feeling made this experience a success for me along with the information that I have learned from the course. My generosity and compassion to help others helped me get through the challenges of this experience. I know that God was working through me, sending out the message of love and to feed the hungry.
I have gained a great deal of knowledge from this experience in conjunction with the course I am currently taking. Before I contributed my time at the food bank, I did not know much about it except for the fact that they give food to less fortunate people. I learned that there is more work involved than just handing food out to people. Sorting, boxing, packing, and distributing food from a warehouse to agencies is not as easy as it seems. The information I have learned in my theology class has helped me to connect the material and the service learning. A particular topic discussed was regarding the Kingdom of God, which God reached out to those who were poor and oppressed feeling unloved and helpless by a community of love. I felt that God was working through my classmates and I to reach out to our community, to give love and hope to those who are in need. This also ties in the Christian code of morality which preaches to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty.
In my theology class, we discussed Lawrence Kohlbergís levels of morality. These levels are reasons why we do the right thing. There are 6 levels beginning with the lowest level to avoid punishment and ending with the highest level of love. Before I completed my community service hours I was doing this for a reward, which is the second level. The reward I wanted was a good grade in my class. After completing this project and leaving the food bank feeling like I made such a wonderful difference in my community, I realized that initially I may have done this for a reward but I did it for love and compassion. Even though the beginning of my service learning experience was rocky, what I have learned from my theology course definitely helped me get through this to see the difference I was making.
This experience has helped me to open my eyes to how much hunger has become a problem everywhere. It makes me realize how truly appreciative and grateful of my life and the things that I have. It has made me open up to see how God has blessed me in my life.