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    proofread on digital camera

    If someone could proofread my report on digital cameras

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    Re: proofread on digital camera


    This report is meant to give you an idea of which digital camera you should get before purchasing. The three digital cameras that I recommend are Canon PowerShot A95, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F88 and Nikon Coolpix 5400. The Canon PowerShot A95 costs $398, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F88 costs $455 and the Nikon Coolpix 5400 costs $655. All together they total $1508.

    Canon PowerShot A95 features:
    The Canon PowerShot A95 features 5.0 mega pixels which would produce high quality images. The resolution would be 2592 x 1944 pixels. It has a 3x optical zoom lens. It can record movies and support playback with sound. Canon's PowerShot A95 uses DiG!C as their image processor. It has a point and share button, which makes it quick and easy. The PowerShot A95 can capture razor sharp images. It uses 4 x AA batteries.

    The LCD monitor can rotate 180 degrees. Canon's PowerShot A95 has 21 shooting modes, from complete control to fully automatic. It includes preset scene modes customized for Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Underwater, Indoor, Kids & Pets and Night Snapshot shooting. It has an auto-white balance. It can easily produce ID photos. It supplies five photo effects: vivid colour, neutral colour, low sharpened, sepia, and black and white. It has a direct printing feature that will work on any Canon printers or PictBridge. It has a built-in auto-flash.


    One of the great advantages is that it features quick and easy buttons for beginners. The unique ability to create ID photos is a handy tool. This camera will make an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use camera that captures beautiful pictures and has the advanced features to satisfy the needs of the more experienced user.


    One of the disadvantages is that it does not come with large storage, so you will not be able to retain many images; however, you can buy a larger storage card. It is not compatible with any other brand printers for direct printing. It has no battery recharger.

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F88 Features:

    The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F88 can produce colourful images with brilliant, true-to-life colour saturation and perfect quality of delicate tones. It is a 5.1 mega-pixel camera. Sony's Cyber-Shot DSC-F88 has the ability to avoid unfocused spots because it has 5 separate focus areas in the frame, which will then make the image more focused. Provided with exposure control, it lets you control the motion and depth while taking pictures.

    It can auto focus. It comes with Slow Shutter Noise Reduction, which can minimize the noise in the image, making it look clearer. It is compatible with Memory stick Pro. The camera is compatible with PictBridge. PictBridge is a digital photo printer that can print photos straight from the USB, which makes it easier because you will not need a computer. The lens travels around 300 degrees. It has an optical zoom of 3x and a digital zoom of 2x. It has 10 scene modes and they are Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Soft Snap, Candle, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, High Speed Shutter or Magnifying Glass. It comes with a pre-flash. It provides a rechargeable battery and can support long lasting shooting pictures.


    One of the advantages is that it can produce very high quality images. Any beginner can quickly take shots by using the auto exposure modes. The five-area auto focus is a neat tool.


    One of the disadvantages is that you cannot store as many pictures as you may want; but you can buy a bigger capacity memory card.
    Nikon Coolpix 5400 Features:

    The Nikon Coolpix 5400 has a 4x zoom lens. It has a 5-area focus area making the photo easily focused. It can continuously capture up to 7 full-size images (2592 x 1994 pixels) at 3 frames per second. It is a 5.1 mega-pixel camera. It can auto focus. Its digital zoom is 4x.

    It has an auto shooting mode, meaning that you can shoot a photo without any configurations. It has several scene modes, such as portrait, party/indoor, night portrait, beach/snow, landscape, sunset, night landscape, museum, fireworks show, closeup, copy, blacklight, sports, panorama assist and dawn/dusk.

    It supports auto white balance. It has a self-timer of 3- or 10-second duration, which may be useful when you cannot find anyone else to take a picture for you. It has a built-in flash, nice when you do not have enough sunlight. The battery life is 110 mins. It supports a 512mb/1gb Microdrive card.


    This camera is suitable for beginners to experienced photographers, with a full range of exposure modes. The auto modes make it easy to capture pictures just by pointing an shooting, so anyone can take high quality pictures. Its storage is quite big, supporting 512mb on Microdrive.


    It does not do well with low light focus.


    To be able to hold more images, I suggest you buy the Sandisk 2GB Compactflash Card Type I, which should be enough to hold at least 15 high quality images. The cost is $137.67. It seems to have a fast rate of transfer, so you will not need to wait very long. It is compatible with most digital cameras. Also, the Compactflash Card is one of the world's most popular removable mass storage devices.


    Out of the three cameras, overall I suggest the Canon PowerShot A95, because it looks simple and easy. It has handy print and share buttons. The camera looks simple, but thatís my opinion. I like the ID photo feature: it is one feature that the other cameras do not have.

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