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Thread: need edit help

  1. beenche

    need edit help

    You have waited for this moment
Now, at last, it has come true
You have finally reached the summit

    And, we are all quite proud of you
    You are worthy of this triumph

    No one could deserve it more
So, embrace this time before you
as you spread your wings and soar.

    You have worked for countless hours
From dawn ‘til the setting sun
Never knowing where the outcome

    Would lead, as each day was done
You stayed focused on the challenge

    While you prepared to compete
    And the days ‘til now were worth it
Your success has made them complete.

    You have waited for graduation

    And at last, it has arrived
Now, you stand triumphant

    your heart and soul revived
From this time, you’ll move onward

    Toward your future aspirations
But this day, enjoy your moment
With our joyous congratulations!

    With all our love, Mom, Dad and Katelyn

    Adapted from “congratulation” by Jill Eisnaugle

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    Re: need edit help

    I am submitting a parent page for my son graduation year book.
    Can anyone take a look at this for me?
    Thanks for your consideration!

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