Do you agree or disagree: Playing sports teaches people more lessons about the life.

In contemporary society, playing sports is increasingly prevalent and fundamentally changed our lives. But meanwhile, there is no unanimous consensus on whether sports can teach us lessons about our lives or not. Those who favor playing sports believe that sports are important and truly give us a better appreciation of lives. On the other hand, others insist it is not that worthy for us to play sports. For my part, the former one sounds more reasonable.

First of all, it is generally accepted that playing sports all year around is not easy for people. Therefore, those who can stick to it must be individuals with strong mind. For example, in the gymnasium I always head for, I realized the majority of members there are often exercising a lot during the first month the credit, then less and less people would regularly be there to play sports. In other words, every person who can always play sports surely learned how to stand for what they are willing to do. That is an essential element of life for sure.

Besides, an equally key reason to explain why I advocate sports teach us about lives is we can realize how to stand up after we fail. I would like to cite a single example of my friend Alice who was endeavoring to play Ping Pong. Alice is definitely not an expert in sports so she could not even catch the ball within the first week she began to play it. Alice told me it is terrible to experience all the failure. However, she realized she had to recover from the bad mood and she told herself, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." At last, she conquered herself and soon she became a famous player in our school.

Additionally, playing sports teaches us how to arrange our time properly. Common sense lead us to know every one need a long time to play sports since we must change to our sportswears, walk or drive to playgrounds or gymnasium and take a shower after sports. We should probably design our schedules and carefully work on them. After some days to adapt to the timetable, we become time conscious people then we succeeded.

Undeniably, what sports can teach us is really limited, we should learn more about lives in other ways too. Nevertheless, playing sports is absolutely benefiting us all. It helps us ease our mind, release pressure and more importantly, gives us lessons about lives which should be valued permanently.