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    can u pls help me with these?pls!!!

    1.We are holding a series of meetings to acquaint the general public with the facts
    > We are holding a series of meetings, the purpose of which is to acquaint the general public with.

    2.Since writing a best-seller in 1995, Joe has hardly produced any good work at all.
    words given:wrote/since/very
    > Since when Joe wrote his best-seller, he hasn't produced any very good work at all

    3. He hasn't written much recently that's been appreciated by those attracted by this early style.
    words given: little/who
    >He has written very little recently which has been appreciated by those who are attracted by this early style

    4.Not only his appearance but also his manners leave great scope for improvement
    words given:He/man/both/desired
    >He is a man ????

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    Re: can u pls help me with these?pls!!!

    Dear Ozma:

    Can you please clarify the task you want help with?



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