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    What is the meaning of the following phrases:

    on top of that accolade
    address the needs
    avoid the need

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    Re: HSH1

    Dear Shamsiyan:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shamsiyan View Post
    What is the meaning of the following phrases:

    on top of that accolade Without a bit more of the sentence it is hard to be absolutely sure, but 'on top of' in this context probably means 'in addition to.'
    The committee chair made a speech in which she praised the student for his dedication and achievements. On top of that accolade, he was awarded a substantial scholarship grant.
    address the needs To address the needs of something or someone means to be aware of the specific needs and develop some sort of plan to meet them.
    'Our job tonight is to address the needs of the homeless community,' said the mayor.
    avoid the need To avoid a need is to anticipate a need be it arises so that it can be avoided.
    Excellent planning allowed the state to avoid the need for a tax hike.
    I hope this is helpful,



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