Do you agree or disagree: Most people prefer others making decision for them than making a decision for themselves

Confucius, one of the most influential philosophers and educators of ancient China, remarked, "You can always learn what you need to learn from other individuals."

One of the most perplexing dilemmas that modern people may confront is whether to ask others to make decisions for them or make a decision alone. It is said that most people do like others to decide for them. For my part, I maintain this is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon and I believe the merits of it outweigh the weakness.

First of all, it is generally accepted that we are often too impulsive to make decisions for ourselves. In other words, others may view the whole situation much clearer than us. For example, most people fight each other because they cannot calm down to rethink what to do in a particular circumstance. While other people would definitely urge them to ease their mind and peacefully choose to solve the problem. This case is not rare, in reality, frequently we are just considering from a single angle and throw away the whole story.

Another reason behind my position is other people may have been around so that their decision is worthy to be made for us. According to a famous psychologist Dr. Brown, most people who have failed would advise others to be careful not to follow their failure. Thus, the opinion of other people may be crucial for us to avoid many mistakes. They would help us to make a better choice base on their experiences.

Additionally, we can synthesize many people's decision to find out the best one. We can make a really suitable decision by listening to others and pick up one that looks nice. Therefore, with the best decision made by others, we can save much time and energy.

Undeniably, sometimes we have to make decisions alone since we have to protect our privacy. Nevertheless, I believe most people would like to have the final words by others and I am sure it is a highly advisable choice.