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    Ielt writing

    I would appreciate if someone helps me correct my essay. All coments are welcome.

    Topic: Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

    Have you heard any students complain that daily homework is boring, and that it is a punishment or redundancy? Many students, including me, find that daily homework is not necessary as it makes them get exhausted, depressed and passive.

    Most students stay at school for five or six hours a day. In their leisure time after school, doing homework is very burdensome. Students are not machines. They can not work without any rest. Even if a machine, its efficiency will become lower and lower and refuse to work finally. So teachers should let students have some spare time to play a game, go for a picnic and do other things they like. It is better for their health.

    Another reason why I advocate the viewpoint that students should not be assigned homework is that they do not want to do exercises of the ‘boring’ subjects. For instance, if a person is not keen on biology, but is interested in music; he has to spend his precious time doing the homework and reading uninteresting books instead of spending his time singing new songs. He may then find that school life is so stressful and wonder why he has to learn those subjects without any fondness.

    In addition to this, homework may limit students’ creativity and curiosity. As spending lots of time doing the exercises which are much as same as those they have practiced at school, students may not take time to explore the world and discover something new with their peers such as what causes a chameleon to change its body color and which colors it changes to. It is much more interesting than sitting on the table and writing down the answers with rolling eyes.

    Although many teachers expect to assign homework, they will gradually consider its disadvantages on students.

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    Re: Ielt writing

    hey san2612
    I am suggesting a few changes which I think will improve your essay.
    *Even a machine's efficiency will decrease,and finally cease,if it is used without any break.
    *It is beneficial for their health.
    *and wonder why he has to study all those subjects foe which he has no aptitude/Likeness.
    *Although many teachers consider it their duty to assign homework, they will gradually *realize that it is not as useful as they think it to be.

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