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    Red face Main aim:Speaking Subject:Leisure


    As I have had any experience in teaching I need help from a teacher who has had experience of working with adults at the elemantary level.I need to prepare a lesson plan for 45 minutes.There are 20 people in the class.Their level is not high. They know simple present tense, have got, times,possessions, family,numbers, frequency adverbs..etc. I have to prepare a lesson for 45 minutes and I dont know how to do it. My main aim is going to be speaking. Sub aim would be a vocabulary.How can I elicit the subject? how can I start to the lesson as warm-up. What kind of activities I should make aiming the speaking?what kind of pairwork, group work I can do?What kind of games?

    I'd appriciate if you could help me withthe subject matter.



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    Re: Main aim:Speaking Subject:Leisure

    I would suggest some. I hope that they'll help.
    Ok, as a warm-up activity you may start for example by spidergram filling. The topic should be easy, authentic and motivationg especially in the first sessions (easy in the beginning and then after diagnosing well your students' abilities you may make it harder.)
    You may focus on topics like: family relationships, videogames, leisure activities, ..... The warm-up activity may aim at drawing onto the students' backbround knowledge and prior acquisitions on the topic in focus.
    It also enables them to build their vocabulay on the topic.
    You may use pictures or videos and ask them to describe and comment on what is shown.
    Then, you may use these pictures to another speaking activity during the while-stage. Divide your students into groups of four. You may suggest that they choose a name for their group (like Group 1: The Superstars' Group, Group 2: The 4 Magicians, ...etc: I tried this myself and my students were very motivated and enjoyed). You provide each group with a picture which focuses on a definite situation related to the main topic of your lesson and ask them to prepare for a role play to comment on the situation they see. Then, you urge each group to perfom it in front of their classmates. You need to involve the other students and make them react to what is presented. You may motivate them, for example, by asking them to vote for the most successful group and what they liked most in the group's performance as you will grant pluses to the group voted for.

    Note: Your role as a teacher shouldn't be more than a facilitator in the management of your students and the activities. Your feedback is necessary to point out some of your students deficiencies and correct them but not all of them ( this is important to build confidence on them to express themselves spontaneously without the fear of committing mistakes and also being interrupted at each single one).
    Good luck

    I'm a new ESL teacher but I'll always remain a learner because "to teach is to learn twice."
    Your feedback and corrections are much needed and appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
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