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    Sub clauses and commas! Please help!

    Hello guys!

    I'm still determined on increasing my knowledge of languages, particularly English. But unfortunately I'm a bit stuck with regards to this grammar task:

    Find sub clauses in the examples below. Add commas where necessary. ( my suggestions are underlined)

    a)She has got you where she wants you.

    b)Although he was trying to show off I still respected him.

    c)If you've got any more questions don't hesitate to come back.

    d)He was due to remain as leader of the party until a successor had been found.

    e)He went on staring until her cheeks grew crimson and she began to stammer.

    f)I married him because I loved him.

    g)Because I stopped looking out for her I stopped seeing her altogether.

    h)He usually drank a half of lager unless someone bought for him.

    i)It is hardly likely that a vicious thug will wait politely while we ring the police.

    j)While they were away he died.

    k)The next three of four fixtures will decide whether we stay in the Premier League.

    l)You haven't talked like that since you got here.

    m)After he died in 1941 she edited a book of his essays and poems.

    n)As dense black smoke swirled over the town residents were told to stay indoors.

    And as to the commas i'm clueless, there is a huge difference between danish and english commas!

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    Re: Sub clauses and commas! Please help!

    Looking over your list, I notice that m) is wrong. The subordinate clause is "After he died in 1941".

    The use of commas in these examples is largely (but not always) optional. If you want to put a pause for breath or emphasis or clarity into the sentence, the comma works beautifully (as I just used it there, after sentence, and again, here).

    There is a school of thought that would remove all commas that are not "legally" required but if this means you have to scan the sentence twice to get its meaning then I feel a comma would have been justified.

    For example, you wouldn't want a comma or pause in example a), but let's look at sentence b) more critically:

    Although he was trying to show off I still respected him. You might not legally need a comma, but ...

    Let's change that to:

    Although he was trying to show off his tricks were working.

    ... and without a comma, he was showing off his tricks, which is clearly wrong. Therefore, a comma is required after "off". (And I would personally put one into the original example, as well.)

    Look again at example d) (and I'm going to change the tense slightly for illustration):
    d)He was due to remain as leader of the party until a successor was found.

    As written, it's clear that his tenure is only until a successor appears. But if you add a comma, the meaning MAY change slightly:

    d)He was due to remain as leader of the party, until a successor was found.
    This reads like, it was assumed that he would remain as leader of the party. And then, out of nowhere, a successor was found that changed the situation.

    In this case, the comma is used to separate the clauses more, and draw emphasis to each as a separate consideration.

    Regarding the one with 1941 in it, there are many (and I agree with them) who say that constructions of this sort require a comma after the year:

    After he died in 1941, she edited a book of his essays and poems.

    But there will be as many others who disagree.

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