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    Re: Native Speaker Says: He don't, She don't?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barb_D View Post
    Hi William - It's an idiom and you can find it right here on the site: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink - Idiom Definition -
    I got it, thanks.

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    Re: Native Speaker Says: He don't, She don't?

    Quote Originally Posted by Williamyh View Post
    I just wanted know that how come they have this grammatically incorrect as they are native speakers? I just wanted to know the reason, somebody say uneducated or low educational level people would say English without thinking the English Grammar, do you agree with this?
    There are several (many?) dialects which do not always use standard English grammar. Doesn't the same thing happen in Chinese?
    I doubt whether lack of education or ignorance is the whole cause, or even the main cause. People who hold this view believe that these people want to speak standard English, and would if they could. There's no evidence for this.

    The type of language a person speaks points to their identity. If a group of people do not feel comfortable identifying with the educated elite, or those in power, they might quite consciously adopt a language variant different from the standard. This is evident in Black American English, for example.
    It's quite wrong and arrogant to suggest that a native English-speaking person who doesn't speak standard English is somehow ignorant of standard forms, or being deliberately perverse as some people suggest.

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