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    needing correction please help

    Hi David;
    Thank you very much for coming back to me, I greatly appreciate your help.
    I undertsand the reason to why such exam ticket is only awarded unpon completion of the required units.In fact,I am not too convinced that the "exam only" is really benefecial to me as such, the later was the result of a left out alternative. I do believe that it is way too benefecial for me to attend all the required lectures as well as participating in whatever activities that might help improve my english before attempting any exam. In another word, I am in need for more practice as well as the teacher guidance and remarks.
    I am not too sure how to explain the position I am into at the moment, where I am probably able to handle some converstaion pretty well, yet, I do lack a lot of the basic grammar needed as well as the limited vocabulary i am bounded by!
    I would like to mention that I have been waiting too long to start this class. My name was put on the usual waiting list but has never recovered from.
    I would greatly appreciate if you can execrsice discretion in allowing me to start at such late time.
    Kind regards.

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    Re: needing correction please help

    To me your english seems excellent...Good luck

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    Re: needing correction please help

    Your writing is good. It is readable. I guess there are no problems about it.

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