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    to press the matter!


    Pls read the below context:

    Willow was too polite to stand up and walk away or even to suggest Alex mind his own business, but for goodness' sake! She was aghast that a man she did not even know possessed the gall to dispute her conclusions about her own life. Then, to press the matter! "Sir" she said, a bit flustered, "I am an old woman wishing merely to live out my days without being in the way of those who still have much to do."

    Well, I'm quite not understand what the bold sentence exactly mean, especially with the "!". If it is written as "She doesn't want to press the matter", then I may get it that she doesn't want to talk further to that man, just want to end the conversation as quickly as possible. However, when the writer wrote that way, I'm quite confused what exactly he would like to say. Pls help.

    Tks & Rgds,


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    Re: to press the matter!

    It would make more sense if the exclamation mark was replaced by a comma. The exclamation point is clearly wrong and the result is quite awkward.

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