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    bouts of culture shock

    United States and Indian investigators are also looking closely into whether the two Chicago men, who travelled to Mumbai before the deadly assault there last November, may have been involved in the plot.
    Headley, 49, and Rana, 48, stand out from the young, poor extremists from fundamentalist Islamic schools who strike targets in or close to their homelands, the times noted.
    Instead, their privileged backgrounds, extensive travel and bouts of culture shock make them more like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed architect of the Sep 11,2001 attacks, who attended college in the US, and Mohammed Atta, one of the lead hijackers.

    Source : Headley said: 'We'll retaliate against India' - Yahoo! India News

    Please explain to me the highlighted parts.

    I know "bouts" means "a short period of illness or an activity" but those meanings don't fit in this context.

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    Re: bouts of culture shock

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