tropic : Imagine the job interview between a student looking for a job and the manager (we have to play this like a kind of place and me and my partner have tried to make it a little fun)

S: Hi
M : Hello, I guess you're Pamela
S : yes I am
M : All right, come on, please, take a sit ... ho, it's already done
So, as you may know, my restaurant is looking for a waitress and a dishwasher. And you're here to be .. ?
S : a waitress
M : How old are you?
S : I'm nineteen
M : What's your occupation?
S : I'm a student
M : And what do you study?
S : C: In law , I am in my third years Ö.
M : It's great
S : No I have been in a first year for three years. But itís too hard!!!!
M : Ok. Do you speak another language, french for example?
S : I donít travel so itís not necessary to me to learn foreign languages
M : Now, you'll take a pratical exam. I'm your client and you have to serve me. You understand?

S: What do you want?
M :I don't know. What can you suggest?
S : I donít know , itís not my job to know what do you want, I have got other things to do!
M : So, a bottle of water

M : Now we'll stop. I give you the job
S: Yes I am so strong, yes yes yes !!!!! Itís so great!
M : But, as dishwasher, 'cause a waitress must be good looking, polite, helpful and you're not

(Student phone's rigging)

S : Hello oh diana how are you? What Brendon is in love with jess??
M: excuse meÖ
S : Anyway you can keep your job, I donít care , I drag myself out ofÖ bye bye

Do someone can check it and help me to make it stronger ! Thank you !