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    Please correct my sentences

    I've just written a few short situations and would like you to comment on them. I don't want to offend anyone but I want only native speakers to reply to this post or I'll get lots of confusing answers again.

    1. Yesterday it was the tenth anniversary of the hurricane which reduced the whole town of Len to rubble and killed over 40,000 people in 1995. Recalling those tragic events a lot of residents of the destroyed town said that the reason why so many people had been killed then was they had not been warned about the approaching hurricane. “If only the authorities had warned us then, we’d have managed to avoid so many deaths (or …to avoid such a great number of the injured)”- recalled one of the residents yesterday.
    2. The latest poll indicated that about 90 per cent of people don’t want the elections to be held once in two years instead of the usual “once in four years”.
    3. Being unable to cope with the situation by themselves they had to appeal for international assistance.
    4. I can’t tolerate him treating me so badly! If he carries on like this we’ll definitely break up!
    5. We didn’t know those plants were not tolerant of hot weather, so we planted them in the flowerbed just near my house. The result was they all died in a couple of days. We should read instructions more carefully next time we’ll want to plant some flowers.
    6. –I need something that relates Maths to German.
    -The poll relating to the coming elections is to be held next week.
    -My task is to come up with a few questions that ordinary people can relate to.
    7. As I had lots of trouble installing this program I want to give you some useful advice.
    8. Kate saved me the trouble of sitting the test by telling my teacher that I suddenly fell ill.
    9. I eventually succeeded in coming up with a solution to this problem. We had been trying to solve it for over two weeks. Not surprisingly, everyone praised me though I told them that we had been unable to find any solution simply because we hadn’t made a single attempt to find a new approach.
    10. Nobody even asked me whether I wanted to be transferred to the new department or not. They just put a seal on the contract I had never even seen. My wife was desperately upset because my transfer meant that we had to move to Novosibirsk.
    11. –Can you see them?
    -Can you see the houses ahead?
    -I have poor eyesight so I can see nothing but very blurred outlines of some objects.

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    Re: Please correct my sentences

    4 I think that the speaker would use a more active verb, like 'leave him' as he's annoying her.

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    Re: Please correct my sentences

    Are the rest of the sentences correct? I don't mean that they are absolutely correct - that is, natural, I mean that I didn't make any serious mistakes in them.

    You suggested that I use a more active verb in the fourth sentence. But I honestly don't understand where I should use 'leave him'. Instead of which words? tolerate him?

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