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It has been 16 years when I started swimming at 6 years old. The faith supported me until now was my famous elementary school, where comes two Olympic champions, several Asian and national champions. Since then, I have to balance my study and hard swimming training. In the past decade, my swimming training not only builds a health body but also practice my personality and ability, such as, fortitude, perseverance and rational use of time.

Some people have gifts for certain careers, for me, I have a gift for sports and exercise. That's why I selected kinesiology as my major in university. In my deep heart, sport has already permeated in my blood. Further more, interest is the best teacher.

With freshmen scholarship I entered University of Sport, the best university in China. With years of semi-professional athlete experience, it is much easier for me to understand courses in kinesiology and exercise science as well as discover difference between theoretical knowledge and practical use. After the first three years of efforts, I received a GPA of 3.8 and major GPA 3.9, both of them are ranked first among 76 students.

In addition to strive to learn professional knowledge, I tried every possible means to make theoretical knowledge into practice. The first semester in 2007 I obtained a part-time job in Dianfeng Weight Control Company. My job responsibility was to visit my VIP customer in her living hotel, and then measured her morning pulse and weight. Afterward, we did morning exercise together, during which I also monitor her exercise intensity by heart rate and rate of perceived exertion (RPE). Sometimes during meal hours, I took in charge of catering food for VIP. Every other day, I accompanied with her swimming. By our joint effort, at the end of the month, she had already lost 20 pounds. After one month of communication and contact, not only I developed my professional skills but also helped an overweight lady to reduce the risks of causing other chronic diseases. When I realized the suffering and inconvenience overweight person faced, I determined to explore the relationship and mystery between physical activity and health. That's why I devoted myself to career of health promotion.

In order to enhance my academic ability I joined in an actual research group studying relationship between exercise and insulin resistance. Although I was the youngest member in this group, I've contributed a lot to the research. For example, as a result of my suggestion, our group decided to change theanimals exercise mode. We used swimming instead of ZH-PT for training, as it is easier to control exercise intensity. I withstood great pressure on both physical and mental during three and half months of animal experiments. From hurry-scurry at the beginning of training mouse to skillfully fragmented animal tissues, I acquainted with process of animal experiment and molecular biology procedure. Through the review of the literature, I found out there are several researches about exercise and insulin resistance at the molecular level, however lack of histology. With my prior research experience, I applied for experiment funds of Extracurricular Science Research Project from university for my own experiment, which named Effect of Aerobic Swimming Exercises on Histology of Liver and Pancreas of Rats with high-fat diet. This is my first time to lead an independent research. I attended lessons with graduate students to learn knowledge and experiment skill in histology, for example, how to use freezing microtome, electron microscope and stained slices with oil red O and HE. Unfortunately, the experiment result was unsatisfactory due to the tissue deterioration. Even though my first independent experiment failed, by being intimately involved in every aspect of research, I still learned a lot, such as the rigorous and scientific research attitude; histochemistry experimental procedures and operations; the storage of animal tissue. I have learned how to be a researcher, but more than that, I have learned how fulfilling and interesting research can be.

Besides, I joined in another research group named Key Technology in Improving Teen-agersí Physical Fitness. I spent my after-class time of the first semester in 2009 on this program. We went to several middle and primary schools and senior high schools for questionnaire survey and physical fitness testing. And this is the first time that China imported some testing items, such as 20 meters shuttle run (20MST) test which I participated in. For the new items and testing method, we met some problems and difficulties, for example, the young pupils cannot understand the procedure of 20MST, and they always ran very fast at the beginning. I came up an idea to ask some testers be the leading which partly solve the problem. After the testing, I was in charge of 20MST data input and analysis. As I mentioned above, those testing items have never been tested in China before, rarely Chinese literature and test results to compare with, so I searched lots of English literature and research reports, during which my research ability improved significantly. Finally, I and the other three undergraduate students finished one report named Measurement Results about Adolescents Physical Fitness in Shanghai and Causes Analysis, which has won third prize in the 11th "Challenge CupĒ of National University Students Extracurricular Science Projects Competition in Shanghai Area. This experience builds my academic ability as well as let me get aware of the importance of physical activity.

Since Sept 1st 2009, I started my three months internship in Sport Science Research Center (SSRC) in Beijing Sport University, which is the best sport university in China. SSRC has 36 labs divided into 6 lab groups and 3 research departments. My task is to spend two weeks in each lab groups. In the past days, I assisted researchers here provided the technological service for national teams. Furthermore, I learned rules of operating the majority of apparatus and the range of application of them in six lab groups including Sport Condition Labs, Fitness Evaluation Labs, Biochemistry Labs, Animal Experiment Labs, Hypoxic Training Labs and Sport Biology Labs. Through communication with graduate students and researchers in SSRC and experience in training for operating lots of basic and high-tech instruments, I got a better understanding of research front and program conducted in kinesiology. Itís significant to get a wide knowledge in kinesiology due to some research conducted in interdisciplinary way recently.

After more than three yearsí exploration and experiences of research and social practice, I have seen how the physical activity and exercise provided people with physical and emotional benefits. Unfortunate, nowadays physical activity participation are greatly decreasing and millions of people are suffering from chronic disease every day such as obesity, heart disease, Type II diabetes and hypertension for lacking of physical activity and healthy living style. As a beneficiary of exercise, I decided to devote my academic career to discovering effective way to measure physical activity and looking for a better pattern to promote public health.

Research has become a fundamental part of my collage life, and I hope it will become the primary component of my future. The reasons why I want to pursue my master and PHD degree in U.S as below. First of all, when I worked in SSRC as an intern in Beijing Sport University I noticed that lots of advanced instrument were imported from U.S., Germany or Japan, which means that kinesiology in China is still undergoing development. Iíd like to continuously my further study in a college with better research doctrine, which your university can provide me. Moreover, you have the conditions to contact with most advanced progress and professors of kinesiology in the world. Besides, Iím always thinking that the research in kinesiology is not only an interdisciplinary study but also an international. And the studying in US can help me combine my way of thinking between eastern and western world. With my mind set on the very specific goal of researching in the field of physical activity and health promotion, I am fully confident that, with the ability to pursue my education at the University of XXX, I will not only be able to fulfill my dream, but to contribute substantially to the university as.