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    asking questions


    when we ask questions consisted with 2 parts, for an example "may I know who you are?" we ask the first part of the question in question form("may I know?") and the latter as a expression("who you are") .

    but my question is when we answer the phone we ask "may i know who is speaking there please?" to identify the caller. in this case we ask both the 2 parts of the question in a question form("may I know?" and "who is speaking there please?")

    I am confused in this point and could some one please explain me the difference between this.


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    Re: asking questions

    Hello gayan_mc

    Below, the WH-word who replaces a subject and so it is not moved:

    • May I know who is speaking please?
    • Max is speaking => who is speaking

    In "May I know who you are?", the WH-word who doesn't replace a subject and so it must be moved to the subject position. Like this:

    • May I know who you are?
    • you are Max => who are you

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    Re: asking questions

    Hello Soup!!

    Thank You very much for your reply. It was really usefull to me to get that confusing point cleared.

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