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    Good day,

    I would like to know if you have a test book or another testing tool so that when I test students English level this test will provide a great starting point. I have students who will be exempted at the advanced level. However, I have students who will be going into a high-beginner first course and then MOVE INTO A LOW-HIGH intermediate course in the second semester.

    We need a test that will be able to ensure students who need to take the first course are found through a good testing tool, while finding students who have a basic ESL foundation so they only need to take the second course.

    I imagine I am not the only teacher to have to place students, so I am looking forward to your insightful expertise.

    Thank you,


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    helloo mate. emm, I have a way that i like using for evaluating my students' level which is just given them some sentences; around 40 or so. each;except few, has a mistake. grammatical,spelling,punctuation...etc mistakes and they have to find them and correct em. I don't know wether this technique works with u or not.

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