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    California accent

    Hi, a person told me that everywhere in the West of the USA people talk more or less the same way, so there's no particular accent in California, but I've been reading on the net and some people seem to think that indeed there's a California accent. Would like to know the views of people here and ask if you can give me some examples of Califonia accent, preferably from TV series but if not from real-life people like politicians, actors, singers...

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    Re: California accent

    If there is, it's very subtle. There are, however, norms of vocabulary that are or were considered distinctly Californian: "valley girl" style, and the "surfer dude" or "beach bum" style. Example: "like, o my god..." (valley girl); "right on, dude..." (beach bum).

    These may however just be Hollywood creations.

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