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    CPE Essay : feedback requested

    Write your answer in 300-350 words in an appropriate style

    The extract below is from a letter which appeared in a national newspaper. You decide to write a reply. In your letter, respond to the issues raised and express your own opinions

    Dear Editor,

    These days many parents give their children the freedom to make their own decisions from a very early age. They argue that this freedom helps children to learn from their mistakes and gives them the maturity and confidence to deal with the responsibilities of adult life. I don't agree. It is totally irresponsible to let young people make their own choices about friendship, leisure activities and, later on, vital decisions about their future lives.
    Write your letter. Do not write any postal addresses.

    And this is my answer

    Dear Editor,

    I’d like to reply to the reader who thinks that it is irresponsible to let young people make their own decisions from an early age. I don’t agree, neither with her assumptions nor with her conclusions.

    I don’t know what her background is, but according to my experience most children nowadays are actually on a much shorter leash than their parents or grandparents at the same age. I was an only child and I was seldom, if ever, left alone. But for instance my father had many brothers and sisters, his father worked as an emigrant and as a consequence he was very independent as a child, since my mother couldn’t possibly tend to all her children all the time.

    Children nowadays are pampered and overprotected in my opinion. While it is wise to keep an eye on what your children are doing, and making sure they are not putting themselves at danger, we should not exaggerate. Media don’t help , of course, and scare us into believing that the world is such a dangerous place. I don’t think it is worse than it was thirty years ago, but now we overreact to bad news and would just like to keep children locked up, so that they end up growing into ineffective adults who aren’t able to take a risk.

    Even if that wasn’t enough, I can’t believe there are parents who want to decide who their children should be friends with ! I don’t think their attitude is “responsible”, I think they just want to control and feel they are in charge. But let me tell you this : your children are not dolls you can play with. And what about “the vital decisions about their future lives” they are not supposed to make later on ? Are you serious ? Whose choice should it be, if not theirs ? Who are you to decide what they should make with their lives ? Think about that.

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