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    Pronunciation of "Eight"

    Hi All,

    I didn't spend much time to study phonetics in my little time. A couple of years ago, I started to learn phonetics again and bought some well-known dictionaries like Longman, Oxford, Cambridge....they all came with talking dictionaries CD with phonetics symbols, because I'd like to speak English more accurate. In my country, most of people would pronounce "Eight" as "Egg", I also said "Eight" as "Egg" in a couple of years ago. After paying my attention to phonetics on dictionaries, I understand that "Eight" should be pronounced as letter of "A" and followed with "t" sound, because the phonetics symbol of "A" is "eɪ" and the phonetics symbol of "Eight" is "eɪt". Sometimes I listen BBC and CNN news, I think the Anchors would pronounce "Eight" as "A" (exactly same), so I was wondering if "Eight" would pronounce same as "A" in fast speech? Please advise.


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    Re: Pronunciation of "Eight"

    Yes, like A in all speeches.


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