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Dec 30, 2003
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1.What does "a decent conversation" mean? Talking about something very serious? Talking with very good manner? or...?

2.What does "hit up some jams " mean?

3.What does "chill" mean as in "I just want to find a nice girl to chill with"?

4.What does "One of the Lads or Girls" mean?

5.What does "tom boy" mean?

6.When one says he/she "speaks his/her mind", does it mean he/she says what he/she thinks directly?

7.What does "P" mean as in "You should be able to laugh at yourself... cos i like to take the P"?

8.When one is said to be a "zany", does it mean he/she's humorous or just a joke? Is it a negative or positive expression?

9.What does "level headed" mean?

10.What is "line-dancing"?

11.What's the meaning of "I have every character trade in me"?


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Nov 13, 2002
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1- an enjoyable and intellectually interesting conversation- not one about how hot it is today.
3- relax, stay in, do nothing...
4- Person who fits in well with a group of people who have a common interest and activity, normally getting very drunk and talking loudly in bars
5- a girl who acts, dresses and behaves in a boyish manner
6- say exactly what you think, directly, even if the other person might not like this
7- take the pee is like take the piss- it means to laugh at someone, tease them
8- it depends- they probably think it's positive, but many find zany characters wearisome. It means a bit crazy- people who are loud and unpredictable, for instance
9- a balanced, sensible person
10- I believe it involves dressing up in American clothes and dancing in a line
11- no idea- it could be 'trait', which is an individual characteristic
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