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    double crossing

    If you praise her
    she thinks you are lying
    If you don't
    You are good for nothing

    If you agree to all of her likes
    you are a crimp
    if you don't
    you are not understandings.

    If you visit her often.
    She says you are boring.

    If you don't,
    She accuses you of double crossing.

    I know "double crossing" means "an act of betrayal", but I wonder in what sense it is intended here.

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    Re: double crossing


    I think in this case 'double crossing' means that the relation between the man and the woman, is not clean.

    When I use the word 'clean', I think that the man go in bed with another girl.

    Hope it's help you (I am not a teacher, but just a learner)?

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