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    Please explain the usage verify and validate

    It seems they have similar meanings, so I can understand if people use them, but don't know how to pick one than the other. Please give some examples if possible. Many thanks.

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    Re: Please explain the usage verify and validate

    I'm not a teacher.

    The definitions as below are from Cambridge Dictionary.

    to make something officially acceptable or approved, especially after examining it

    It is a one-year course validated by London's City University.
    The data is validated automatically by the computer after it has been entered.


    to prove that something exists or is true, or to make certain that something is correct

    Are you able to verify your account/allegation/report/theory?
    These figures are surprisingly high and they'll have to be verified.
    [+ (that)] Under interrogation, she verified (that) the tapes were authentic.

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