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    Question Arabian vs. Arabic

    Hello, I am currently having a dilemma. An inhabitant of Arabia is called Arabian. The language an Arabian speaks in Arabia is Arabic. I right? I believe I am mixing up the -ic and -an, and I do not know for sure which to which applies. Can you please help?

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    Re: Arabian vs. Arabic

    Arabian, Arabic or Arab
    All three words serve as adjectives relating to the
    Arabian Peninsula, where the first Muslim state was
    established around AD 600, known now as Saudi
    Arabia. Arabian is used in general references to the
    culture and geography of the region, as in Arabian
    Nights and Arabian deserts. Arabic mostly refers to
    the language, scripts and symbols associated with
    Arab peoples, and is applied to the languages of
    countries such as Syria, Jordan, Irak, Egypt, Tunisia,
    Algeria. Curiously, what we know as Arabic numerals
    originated in India, and are known by the Arabs
    themselves as “Indian numerals.” But Arab is now
    the most frequent and widely used adjective, no doubt
    because of the power and influence of Arabs outside
    Arabia itself: hence the Arab
    countries/leaders/nations of the Arab League.

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    That was useful! More than what I actually needed. Thanks!


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