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  1. sammyuk



    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum

    My name is sam and i live in Somerset, which i have all me life

    I have a really strong somerset accent, i mean strong, like the wurzels strong

    Just wondering if there is a way of suppressing it, i really want to loose it but i dont particularly want queens english either, or i will get the mick taken outta me for that too.


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    Re: Accent

    There are accent reduction courses (, but it's hard to change a regional \accent quickly. If you're going to a new area, just listen careful to the sounds around you and slowly absorb them. I arrived in a strong Cockney area with a Queen's English accent, and left with something acceptable in pubs, but never changed completely. Jut cut down on the Wurzels sounds a bit and you should be alright. When you're surrounded by speakers with other accents, you'll find that you can change soon enough.

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    Re: Accent


    I've just seen your message which was from 2005 - so im a bit out of date!
    I am in a play where i have to speak one line in somerset accent and my normal accent is from Surrey. The line is 'You're even talking like her'. I was wondering if you could write this out phonetically for me in the somerset accent. I'd be most grateful!


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