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Task: In class you have been discussing about the effects of tourism on a town or country. Your teacher has asked you to write an essay based on it called “Tourism –it is always a good thing”. Your essay should include the economy, environment and transport.
Tourism –it is always a good thing
It is often discussed whether tourism has either a negative or a positive impact in the areas it involves. Polemic as it may sound, what I am convinced about is that the effects should only be regarded as helpful.
With reference to the economy, for instance, tourism enriches a town, allowing its inhabitants to earn substantial amounts of money. Not only do hotels, restaurants, clothing-shops and so on benefit from it, but it also obliges the government to make constant investments in order to maintain the city appealing to visitors.
Severe criticism is likely to be received by tourism both for causing pollution and endangering the wildlife in the region. Nothing is furthest from reality. Indeed, never will you find a more environmentally-friendly industry as tourism, since in most cases its profits depend on the conservation of a certain natural attraction such as a lake or a park.
As regards transport, the consequences are nothing but pros: far from contributing to cause jams, tourism turns the traffic more agile and efficient. It must be taken into account that the main touristic points throughout the world resort to a modern transport-system –which usually includes the underground and special lanes for buses and caps- to deliver its visitors from one spot of the city to another.
In conclusion, remarkable notice should be taken of tourism and the effects it brings about in a city. Were it possible, governments should define it as a priority issue and work devotedly to attract tourists to the city. In the long-term, these efforts will pay-off.