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    Question confused by dictionary


    I am confused by the definition of "functioning" from functioning: Definition, Synonyms from ,

    In answers' page, it makes "functioning" interpreted as "The way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions",

    But in my mind, it should be interpreted as "The act of function, or the state of being functioned", is this right or wrong?

    And I have another question about "make... interpreted as" in above sentence, I don't know if "make" in there is right or wrong? if wrong, what word should be use to express the meaning?


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    Re: confused by dictionary

    Your proposed definition is not, how do I put this nicely?, intellegible. "The act of function" simply does not make sense. Function, used like this, is a noun, and it doesn't work in this phrase any more than "the act of noun" or "the act of food" would. We would call it a "nonsense phrase."

    The confusion of course comes from the fact that function can be a verb or a noun, and functioning is either an adjective or present participle. If we consider function to be a verb, then the phrase "the act of function" makes as little sense as "the act of run" or "the act of build." We need to use the present participle in the phrase: "the act of functioning."

    But now, while gramatically correct, the phrase is almost redundant, because functioning means acting, too. "It was functioning [or acting] as a stopgap measure."

    As to your other question, regarding
    In answers' page, it makes "functioning" interpreted as...
    first, Answers' should be capitalized as a proper noun, or else use the entire address: Second, it either requires an article and dropping the possessive ( The Answers page ) or a change from the In to On ( On Answers' page ). And third, the use of a subject directly followed by a pronoun reference back to it, is wrong. It sounds like, "My brother, he went to the store." Drop the pronoun.

    Now we have something that runs like
    The Answers page makes "functioning" interpreted as...
    which was, of course, your question. And to that, I would suggest it would be smoother as:
    The Answers page defines "functioning" as...

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