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    Question For Students: How Do You Study Vocabulary?

    I am a teacher and I want to compile a list of vocabulary learning techniques for my students. I have a few like...

    * Say what you are doing out loud
    * Write words on card both sides – carry with you
    * Label everything - Post it notes

    But I don't want to just make stuff up off the top of my head. I want to know what real langauge students like you are doing to increase your vocabulary.

    Can you help me out and tell me what techniques work best for you?

    Thanks in advance,
    David A. Bailey, Jr

    P.s. can list the things you know your students do to...that will help me out a lot. Thanks! ;)

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    Re: Question For Students: How Do You Study Vocabulary?


    I ceaselessly consult online dictionaries and thesauri. Firstly, I make notes which I blue-tack on the wall by my computer. I look at them now and then for a couple of days. Then, I enter them into my own glossaries and these I then consult occasionally. I do not consult them often enough though, and more likely than not, I have to look up the same word again in a dictionary (rather than in my own notes). Only rarely when I have time and inclination do I force myself to "use" new words in context, and I find that this works the best.


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