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    Clause Functions

    i am confused about the Clause Functions at following cases.
    consider the following:
    1.the enemy struck at dawn.
    2.he struck on the solution to the problem.

    what are the difference of the Clause Functions between them?
    for example, i guest that the Clause Functions of 1 is Subject+verb+prepositional phrase,is it correct?

    thanks you for your help

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    Re: Clause Functions

    I think you need this:

    ...struck at dawn. When? 'at dawn'. 'at dawn' is an optional (you can delete it and nothing happens) time adverbial; 'at' is a preposition and it takes 'dawn' as its object.The prepositional phrase is an adverb.

    ...struck on the solution. Stuck where? 'on the solution'? No. Phrasal verb detected. 'on' is a preposition and not an adverb particle; you can't delete the prepositional phrase because there is a strong cohesion working between the verb and the particle.

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    Re: Clause Functions


    Does this help?

    Sentence 1:
    [The enemy] [struck] [at dawn].
    [subject] [verb] [prepositional phrase functioning as an adverb]

    Sentence 2:
    [He] [struck on] [the solution] [to] [the problem].
    [subject] [verb] [object] [preposition] [object]

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