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    Everyday and Every day

    Hi All,

    I'd like to know how to use Everyday and Every day properly, could you please provide me some example? Thanks.


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    Re: Everyday and Every day

    Everyday and every day are commonly confused in English. There's no difference in pronunciation, but using the wrong one when writing is a mistake in the everyday English you use every day.


    Everyday is an adjective that means commonplace, ordinary, or normal.

    These shoes are great for everyday wear

    You shouldn't wear an everyday outfit to the wedding

    Don't use the everyday dishes - it's a special occasion

    Every day

    Every day means "each day."

    I go to the park every day

    I have to work every day this week except Friday

    Every day I feel a little better

    The Bottom Line

    Everyday is a single word and is an adjective, so it's the one that is used in front of a noun to describe something as normal or commonplace. Every day is an adjective (every) plus a noun (day), and it means each day.

    Source: here

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    Re: Everyday and Every day

    Think about stress. "Everyday" is stressed on the first syllable.



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