Hi I am having some trouble with formulating a couple of sentences and I wonder if anyone could be so kind as to help me formulate them in a better way!

I have been speaking English with most of my friends and generally in my daily life.

I have recently however switched riding for aerobics as it gives me more time to do other things I enjoy.

Since I was a small child I have travelled to many places around the world and I have always enjoyed new environments.

(About taking a Gap year and travel)
There are also opportunities to gain skills and qualifications that may serve in my later career. I believe seeing this will give me a new approach to the world around me and be able to appreciate my life in ways I did not believe possible.

In the sentences where some of it is marked red it is only the red part that I am having trouble with but if anyone has any comments on the rest of the sentence as well or a better way to formulate it then I am all ears! Tanks a lot!