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    "will" and "be going to"

    In your opinion (especially native speakers’), does “will” show more uncertainty of what may happen in the future than “be going to”does? I ask so because I was told so.
    Is this the reason why there are always sentences like “If it rains tomorrow, the game will be canceled.” instead of “If it rains tomorrow, the game is going to be canceled.”?
    Does the above sentence structure “If S+V, S be going to V” exist in your spoken and written language?
    By the way, is there any English word that doesn’t exist in the form of past tense because of its odd meaning? If there is , what are they?

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    Re: "will" and "be going to"

    Yes, sentences of the type [If S+V, S be going to V] certainly do exist, although they tend to be restricted to informal/spoken usage.

    Generally speaking, as you are no doubt aware, 'be going to' tends to be restricted to absolute predictions about the future/statements of intent, not those dependent on other possible actions or circumstances. However, where the speaker considers the likelihood of the protasis (the if-clause) to be particularly high, then (s)he may well indicate that by using 'be going to' rather than a simple 'will'.

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