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    concentrate, chosen

    Dear teachers,

    I have three questions.

    For days, he put his heart into the rice seedlings in his lab.
    Can I use ""concentrated on" instead of "put his heart into"?

    He was elected the president of the union.
    Can I use "chosen" instead of "elected"?

    Could you please explain if there is any difference between "illness" and "disease"?
    For example,
    He has just recovered from a severe illness. Can I use "disease" here?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: concentrate, chosen

    If you wanted to, yes, but concentrate on has a slightly different meaning than put one's heart into--there's more heart.
    Chosen to be, yes, but the meaning differs: officials are elected.
    Isn't it because a person can recover from an illness but never from a disease as there is no cure?

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