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    Is there a another word ending with gry other than angry and hungry?

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    Is there a another word ending with gry other than angry and hungry?
    It's as old as the hills...

    "Perhaps the whole puzzler is more a grade school antic than anything else. The way I heard the setup for the question was this:

    There are three words in the English language that end with "gry." One is hungry and the other is angry. What is the third word? Everyone uses this word every day, everyone knows what it means, and knows what it stands for. If you have listened very closely I have already told you the third word.

    If you read the second sentence you see that the "third" word is "hungry".

    The author is writing here about the third word in the second sentence of the riddle, exactly as quoted, NOT some mythical third commonly used English word ending in "-gry". We admit this is a rather stupid riddle, but then we we didn't make it up; we just answer it, over, and over, and over. "

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