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Thread: upheld hand

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    upheld hand

    Words are only symbols to which special values and meanings have become attached by general agreement. The same object, consisting of printed pages and a cover is called by a French speaker, livre, by an English speaker a book, and by a Hindi speaker kitab; the object is the same in each case, but in each linguisitc community a different word to describe it has been agreed upon. Other symbols may be used instead of linguistic ones; a red light is used to indicate danger, a policemanís upheld hand tells us to stop, a forefinger held to the lips warns us to be quiet; but these substitutes are fairly few in number and therefore cannot be used except in very limited circumstances.

    Please tell me the meaning of "upheld hand" in this context.

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    Re: upheld hand

    A hand that has been raised up to the air and stays there for a while.Imagine a referee's hand while he is whistling for a foul(soccer)

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