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    First class, advice on level?

    I've agreed to teach some students from charity I help out at but they seem to be of different levels and want different things. One student speaks Mandarin, wants focus on her speaking and listening; and wrote this when asked to write what she could about where she is studying:

    Manchester is very beautiful city. I like going to English class.
    The weather is good, not hot and not cold. It's good for me. I feel very well.

    The other student speaks Farsi and has no skills preference but on the same subject wrote:

    like cars
    like shops

    I was going to begin my lesson with pronunciation practice for voiceless th-t and ae(pat)-a. Then focus on the beginning of section 5 in New Headway Elementary and go over the forms of there is a/there are with the emphasis on pronunciation and intonation for the first student. Then move on to some/any and basic prepositions under, next to, etc. The students can converse well when left to talk so I'd try to get them into a dialogue over the tasks. I'm worried that the lesson is going to be too easy for the first student and too hard for the other. What do the teachers on here think about this? Do you have any hints, comments or pointers at all?
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    Re: First class, advice on level?

    multi-level far as ı can,ı ll try to give some comments on this.Graded tasks would work in this case.Open ended activities help students to respond at their own level and those activities will keep stronger students busy..
    you can use different tasks at the same time.. while you spend time ‘teaching’ a group of weaker students, the stronger students can be doing another task together in groups.
    just a simple idea........................

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