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    recommended students?

    I'd like to explain something first to make myself clear. In China, if you want to go to graduate school, you will have to take a set of entrance academic tests and meet certain standards. But if you've achieved a desirable performance in your undergraduate period, you could become graduate students without taking any of those tests. Now, is it intelligible to say:

    1. Having got a good performance as a undergraduate, she's got the chance to be recommended to graduate school.

    2. He lost his chance of being recommended to graduate school by a tiny margin.

    I don't get any word that I think will be proper other than "recommend". But I'm not sure it is the right word there? What do you think? I'd be glad to hear your opinions. Thanks very much!

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    Re: recommended students?

    If the admission is automatic if the results are achieved, then you would be exempt/exempted from the entrance tests.

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