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    My Research

    I'm a Polish student of International Business. I'm trying to conduct the research about that forum for the subject International Marketing Research. I'm intersting in why do people use internet forum to let's say improve their language skills. I hope you'll be very usefull and you help me to answer this question.
    So, I'm kindly asking you to answer my quetions:
    1.why you are here?
    2.where are you come from?
    3.why you learn english? old are you?
    5.are you male/female?

    I hope it'll be enough
    Waiting for yours responses,

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    Re: My Research

    [COLOR="rgb(221, 160, 221)"]welcome magda with us in the forum ..; this very great your idea to research
    about your topic thats good ; (( go head ))[/COLOR]

    1.why you are here?

    cuz i want to read and i have empty time so i want full off this time with something is beneficial to Genius

    [COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]2.where are you come from? [/COLOR]

    i am from (( kingdom of saudi arabia ))

    3.why you learn english?

    cuz 1. i want to learn Languages more than one
    2. and the english Language is Rolling a lot in the world and in my country. old are you?

    i am 18 years old

    5.are you male/female?


    thats my answer & thank you


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    Talking Re: My Research

    1. because, i want to know people other my country.
    2. i'm from indonesia
    3. because, i want to learn english language skill better this time. english is important in my job...
    4. i'm 23 years old
    5. male

    thank u.

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