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    Noun or Adverb?


    My question is about using adverbs after prepositions, where normally you'd expect to find a noun. For example, the words now and here in these examples:

    He should have done it by now
    Come over here

    My Oxford dictionary gives now and here as adverbs (no mention of them being nouns), so what's happening here - can the object of a preposition be an adverb?

    Curiously, when I looked at some on-line dictionaries, they gave both words as adverbs and nouns, although I couldn't detect any real difference in the meanings given. The only thing I can come up with is how the word is functioning in the sentence. For example if it's placed in the subject position, or the object of a prep. then it should be seen as a noun:

    Now is a good time to go (subject)
    Here are my thoughts "
    It's nice in here (obj of prep)
    That'll do for now "

    I'd be interested to know what the experts think about all this.


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    Cool Re: Noun or Adverb?

    There is a difference between Function & Type

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