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    Red face his ( whose?) dining society????

    Hi, I'd like to know if "his" ( in the last paragraph, in red) is referred to the cat or to churchill ; what does dining soociety mean? Thanks RIP.

    Kaspar the cat chases away curse of 13

    THE launch of the online survey was

    attended by superstitionís own

    celebrity, Kaspar, the 3ft high wooden

    cat that the Savoy Hotel in London

    sends into the dining room whenever

    there would otherwise be a table of 13


    Kasparís role originates from a Savoy

    Hotel tragedy in 1898, when Woolf

    Joel, a South African businessman,

    pooh-poohed12 superstition and went

    ahead with a dinner for 13 after the

    14th guest cancelled. Joel fell victim of

    a well-publicised murder soon after.

    Determined that no such thing should

    happen again, the hotel insisted, for a

    couple of decades afterwards, that a

    member of staff must join any table of

    13, at the hotelís expense, to make up

    the number to 14.

    Kaspar was apparently fashioned for

    the purpose of reassuring

    triskaidekaphobiacs (those who have

    an irrational fear of the number 13)

    and started his career in 1927.

    He became a personal favourite of
    Winston Churchill, who launched his

    dining society, the Other Club, at the

    Savoy in 1911, and his presence is not

    infrequently requested by customers

    even when they do not number 13.

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    Re: his ( whose?) dining society????

    The society is Churchill's. A dining society normally meets at fixed intervals, like the first Friday on the month, in order to eat and discuss things. They often share professional interests or have beliefs, etc, in common.

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